About Burritos & Beer Restaurant
Soft Tacos Burritos & BeerIn May 2014, Burritos & Beer opened its first Indiana-based restaurant featuring all-fresh, traditional Mexican favorites. Like many who enjoy quality fast food, we realized that it was time for something very authentic, something different and something home-made.

At Burritos & Beer, we believe in real food made with passion, for real people. Food that’s always prepared by hand from real recipes and real farm fresh ingredients. We choose handmade not processed. Farm fresh not tin-canned. Flavor and nutrition over fillers and fads.

Burritos & Beer has a secret ingredient. Treating each other well and those we serve, it is our way of life. Delivering wholesome food and a wholesome workplace is the best way to ensure enthusiastically satisfied customers. And sharing the authentic flavors we’ve experienced along the way is always the start of a good thing.

Burritos & Beer continues to be passionate about serving the freshest and high quality food in a very clean environment. We invite you to make Burritos & Beer a part of your daily active lifestyle and great food experience.

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